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2010 is the perfect year for the release of Mafalda Arnauth new wok, a celebration of her heritage. Fadas, the new album, is a creative and uniquely personal re-encounter with the fado that has always accompanied her, the fado that she increasingly clains as as inspiration, the fado to which she needs to return to draw her inspiration.

On the subject of her new album, scheduled to be released by Polydor/Universal Music Portugal on October 11, Mafalda says the following: “On Fadas I have chosen to sing some of the voices of these unique women, all of whom were key influences on my evolution and development as a fado singer, both the ones I had the privilege of meeting and those whom I didn’t. Amália Rodrigues, Hermínia Silva, Fernanda Baptista, Celeste Rodrigues and Beatriz da Conceição are just some of the artistic references I was able to evoke on this album. They are accompanied by some of the first songs I ever performed: Saudades da Júlia Menes, Tendinha, Madragoa, Hortelã Mourisca, Antigamente, without exactly knowing ‘what led me to what’: wheather the fados imbued with history, memories and longing led me to their voices, or the voices filled with heart, soul, and life led me to the fados.” With all this plus an astonishing version of an Astor Piazolla song, with lyrics by Eládia Blasquez, and other surprises, Fadas is definitely one
of the most keenly awaited albums of the year.

Mafalda Arnauth was one of the guests for the tribute concerts to Celeste Rodrigues and to Malangatana Ngwenya, conducted in Lisbon. She also participated in many solidarity shows, especially in the beginning of 2011 – the singer is always embracing the causes she believes.

After several TV shows and presentations all over the country, the album "Fadas" was released in Italy in April 2011, with three more live shows.

France, United Kingdom, Finland, Morocco and Spain are the destinations that follow, interspersed with moments that prove that Fado happens in the most unexpected places, striking, as well as participation as special guest in shows with Marco Rodrigues, Rui de Luna, Anjos and Corvos, the return to the "Festa do Fado" and the performance in "Allgarve 2011" with SHOUT! to show a completely new and memorable concert.

In order to improve the quality of her professional experience, Mafalda Arnauth announced, by this time, a new partnership with Associated Prrodutores Associados, which certainly represents a new cycle.

And, in late November, there were finally news of a greater glory for Fado: lift to Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Having always been firmly convinced of the feasibility and validity of this distinction, Mafalda Arnauth celebrated this moment with all those who took part and she integrated all the manifestations of pride and contentment. She participated in the Gala - Fado Heritage of Humanity at the Lisbon Coliseum.

From the meeting of Mafalda Arnauth with Argentine musician Ramón Maschio happened the story of a unique friendship that was made of Complicity and Music and which iwa going to be experienced on stage. A "first test" in Granada with Mafalda Arnauth, Ramón Maschio and the young pianist Hélder Godinho, invited to complete this special trio, the prospect for 2012 was one of the most exciting moments of Mafalda Arnauth career.

In 2012 the album "Fadas" was released in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile with distribution from Sony Music. The Teatro Coliseo in Buenos Aires received the "Positive Fadista" as a journalist from one of the most important newspapers in Argentina, “La Nacion”, called Mafalda Arnauth.

"Fadas" was also time for duets: Marco Rodrigues, José Antonio Rodríguez, Per7ume, Rui de Luna and Juan Carlos Cambas were some of the musicians with whom Mafalda Arnauth intersected at this point in her career.

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